It was brought to our attention that the Lime Tree Club was hosting performances by some Neo Nazi rock groups. Representatives of Coventry Against Racism met with the Lime Tree Club committee back in January 2015.

We explained to them the nature of the events they were allowing to be booked at the venue. We told them that the organisations that were booking the events were linked to Extreme Right-wing organisations across Europe and that several of the bands that they booked for the events had Neo-Nazi links. We let them know that the events were attracting Nazi sympathisers from across the UK and that the reason why the location of their event bookings were only released a few hours prior to the events being held was to prevent counter demonstrations by groups and organisations opposed to Racists, Fascists and Nazis.

In October whilst the rest of Coventry were building towards the commemoration of the 75th Blitz anniversary, the Lime Tree Club chose to allow the hosting of yet another event by the same organisation. Coventry is a city of fair play, peace and reconciliation. So the Lime Tree club lets down the majority of its customers by continuing to stage hate performances by Neo- Nazi rock bands. 

Coventry Against Racism tried to talk to representatives of the Lime Tree club but no real progress was made, as these hate performances still continue. So after we raised this matter to Coventry City Council, it was decided by council officials to de-list the club from the Council's community directory.  This is a positive move as the Lime Tree club frankly risk tarnishing the image of Coventry. We, at Coventry Against Racism, very much hope that common sense will now prevail and these Neo-Nazis events in our city will stop.